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With 6,000 employees, KMG International carries out operations in 11 main markets throughout Europe and Central Asia, being active primarily in trading, refining and petrochemicals, retail and marketing and other services in the oil industry such as well services, drilling, EPCM, producer of cast iron valves.



From local to global
1974 The company Rompetrol was created as a vehicle for the transfer of local know-how in the petroleum industry to international markets, playing a significant role in the development of several major projects in the Middle East. Throughout almost four decades of activity, the company had clients in more than 25 countries, across four continents. In Iraq alone, the Drilling division of Rompetrol had created over 500 wells since 1974. More than 100 additional projects were finalized in North Africa and Europe, ranging from drilling to well services and work-over.
1993 First attempt of privatisation by Management and Employee Buyout (MEBO); The turnover of Petromidia decreased significantly.
1998 Majority of shares was purchased by a local investor group, increasing the working capital of the company and contributing to substantial turnover growth.