Dyneff is one of the leading fuel distributor in France and Spain.  A major trader, operating significant capacities of import, storage and distribution in ports such as Port La Nouvelle, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Bordeaux and Le Havre.

The company sells more than 2.5 million m3 of petroleum products every year, through 3 distribution channels: filling stations, a network of commercial agencies, and two wholesale agencies (Dyneff covers three quarters of France, as well as Northern and Eastern Spain).

Dyneff offers a full choice of motor fuels, biofuels, heating fuels, supplementary products and services that fulfill all the market requirements.

The company became a major subsidiary of KMG International in 2006.

In 2015, KMG International N.V. and CEFC China Energy Company Limited have finalized the take-over of 51% shares in Dyneff group of companies. KMG International continues to hold a 49% participation share in Dyneff.

The company has evolved from an oil products distributor to an energy supplier in a number of fields. In July 2015, Dyneff obtained the license of a natural gas supplier for individuals and companies in France.

The objective of KMGI and CEFC is for Dyneff to become a development platform in Western Europe, benefiting from extended access towards sources of supply and from shareholders’ strategic support necessary for continuing and expanding its operations in the energy sector.


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For more details, please visit: www.dyneff.fr