Operational model
The operational model integrates all operational activities specific to the downstream flow from acquisition of raw materials, supply chain, refining, to fuel products sale It brings a wider focus on the development of the business in order to provide improved benefits to our customers.
The reorganization of the Group operations into three business units targets greater flexibility and a better allocation of responsibilities, with significant impact on the overall results of the Group.
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The Group is the sole producer of polymers, n-hexane and bitumen in Romania and an important provider at a regional level. 


The trading activity of niche products consists of selling these special products obtained at Vega refinery the petrochemical products and LPG produced in Petromidia refinery.

White products (naphtha, ecological solvents, n-hexane and white spirit) represent more than 60% of the total niche products sold by trading division.

In recent years, Vega refinery processed record quantities of bitumen and of n-hexane due to the improved quality of the raw materials and an increase in the demand on the regional market.

The petrochemicals division continued to consolidate its market position by developing new sorts of polymers as well as by optimizing logistical operations for product sales. Its dynamic development strategy ensures competitive position for the company on the internal and regional markets in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, Central and Eastern Europe.

Larger quantities of LPG produced at Petromidia increased trading sales on the Romanian market and in neighboring countries such as Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia and Serbia, where there is a high demand.