Preventive measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 virus

KMG International Group activated its crisis management plan earlier this month, after implementing a series of preventive measures since early February, due to the spread of the new COVID-19 virus worldwide.

The measures adopted previously, as well as the plan, are aimed at protecting the safety and security of its employees, collaborators and customers, the continuity of the specific activities and minimizing the risk of flow interruption regarding fuel production and distribution.

The plan has three major directions of action, depending on the evolution and impact of the virus, these respecting all recommendations and decisions taken by local and central authorities.

Therefore, at the level of the subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, a series of protective measures has been adopted and implemented for employees, clients and workplaces (administrative buildings, warehouses, gas stations, refineries).

Many measures have already been implemented at Group level before the outbreak of COVID-19 virus in Romania, for example electronic signatures and invoices, flexible working program, working from home, providing high-performance electronic equipment and connecting them - VPN, cloud, antivirus ). Recently, the company has also adopted other specific measures such as limiting / canceling business trips, reintegration on the return from a trip abroad (working from home at least 7 days after returning from unaffected areas and 14 days after returning from affected areas), limitation of meetings (physical presence of maximum 7 persons) or cancellation of internal events.

For the workspaces, measures were taken to increase the hygiene actions of the common work / meeting spaces, equipping them with necessary materials (disinfectants, masks, gloves), disinfecting the contact points (lift, doors, etc.), limiting access and fluidizing the paths of access, in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities, informing the employees about the increase of hygiene, conduct and prevention measures.

At the level of the production units (the two refineries of the Group, Petromidia and Vega), new rules and measures have been introduced, much stricter (testing the body temperatures, temporary setting of spaces for customers / subcontractors outside the workspace, improvement in the flow of people, fluidization of car traffic, anti-virus barriers / mats, intensification of cleaning actions in risk areas - entrances / corridors / toilets). At the same time, facilities such as the canteen or the medical dispensary have taken the necessary measures (delivery in catering system, setting up dedicated areas for temporary isolation).

Because of the concern for the health and safety of the employees and customers, at the level of the Rompetrol gas stations in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, a series of additional measures have been implemented to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

These include the implementation of a strict program, hourly, for hygiene / disinfection of direct contact surfaces, cleaning / washing the floor at least four times a day (24 hours), supplementing specific materials / consumables (disinfectants, wet wipes, hand dryers, etc.), recommend keeping a distance between customers of at least one meter, serving gastro-products mainly in single-use packaging.

We ask our customers to comply with all measures implemented for the smooth operation of the activities. At the same time, we recommend Fill & Go customers to use the online payment methods of current invoices, and to reduce the interaction in the stations, to use the option of charging fuel directly to the pump.

Communication and Public Relations Department

KMG International