Our strategy and objectives cover regulatory compliance processes and procedures, responsibility assignment, training, emergency preparedness, alignment with the best techniques available in the industry, monitoring and measurement and environmental investments, as well as regularly auditing of our performance, as we seek to diminish our environmental impact.
Our integrated environmental permits and certifications include dedicated provisions in terms of water and waste management, GHG & air emissions mitigation and biodiversity protection.
Our climate change impact is related mainly to the steam production process by gas and fuel oil burning in steam boilers.
Other potential pollution sources that may add to the organization’s impact include the operations of the water treatment plant, power distribution system and the construction site of the cogeneration power plant.


Rompetrol Energy is located in the proximity of Natura 2000 Sites: Tașaul-Corbu Lakes, the Black Sea, the Danube Delta.

Given the nature of our activities - steam distribution, water treatment and distribution, as well as our ground footprint of 182,690 sqm, we take precautionary actions to minimize the impact on the areas of biodiversity value. Within our premises, ruderal flora is associated with anthropogenic habitats, along with synanthropic fauna.

Energy consumption

Total energy consumption in 2021 - 4,306,239 GJ (represents the sum of the non-renewable and renewable fuel used within the organization, the electricity, heating, cooling and steam purchased for consumption and sold, along with the self-generated electricity, heating, cooling and steam not used and the fuel consumption from company cars).

Water consumption

The total water consumption in 2021 was 1,369.3 ML. Freshwater is supplied by the regional public provider, RAJA Constanta, and by Rompetrol Rafinare for the process water used in the demi-water production. We run groundwater tests through an authorized laboratory, according to our environmental monitoring plan.

Waste management

Rompetrol Energy ensures the management of all waste generated within the organization in accordance with a Waste Management Plan, designed to establish clear roles and procedures, while providing full compliance with the applicable legal provisions. Total waste recovery in 2021 - 3,999.66 tons.


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Scope 2 emissions of Rompetrol Energy in 2021 represented 2,226.99 to CO2e, while emissions intensity for the same period was 828.83 to CO2e.

There were no emissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) generated by Rompetrol Energy operations.

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No spills and no grievances from the local communities were recorded in 2021.

See more about our performance in the 2021 Group Sustainability Report