Rompetrol Energy operates according to the applicable environmental legislation, as well as its Integrated Management System, which includes dedicated provisions in terms of water and waste management, GHG & air emissions mitigation and biodiversity protection. 

To be able to mitigate climate-related risks effectively, Rompetrol Energy analyzed both the risks and opportunities stemming from its CoGen Power Plant project. 

External factors considered in the risk and opportunities analysis include climate change, water and air quality, available resources, contamination of existing sites, biodiversity and ecosystems, renewable energy. 

To bring its contribution to a low carbon economy, Rompetrol Energy focuses its activity on climate risk mitigating actions which look to:

• Reduce energy consumption (electric power, fuel, water, compressed air);

• Reduce the temperature of discharge waste gases from 175°C to 95ºC operating in normal conditions by implementing the CoGen Power Plant project;

• Eliminate fuel oil consumption in normal operation after the new plant commissioning;

• Reduce refinery gas consumption from 100% (2021) to max 25 % after new unit commissioning;

• Natural gas will be considered as main fuel for the plant with min 75% of total consumption;

• On-line monitoring of steam boiler efficiency;

• Full integration with refinery in term of steam source production by maximization of production in the cogeneration plant.