Rompetrol brand is a never-ending source of energy starting from trading of crude and oil products, refining and distribution of Euro 5 quality fuels in our distribution stations.

Starting 2007, Rompetrol is the main brand of KMG International, 100% subsidiary of KMG, National Oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan.

With a legacy in the oil and gas industry of almost 40 years, Rompetrol consolidated as an European brand after starting the expansion in the distribution segment in 2002, being the only local distribution brand to be present in 5 external markets: Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, France and Spain (together with Dyneff brand).

We have gained success not only by consolidation of the KMG International Group’s main brand-Rompetrol in the Black Sea region, but also for more than 60 years of expertise in providing specialized services on the international oil and gas market. Apart from the main activities in trading, refining and petrochemicals and downstream, the Group is also providing industrial services such as drilling and well services and EPCM.

Rompetrol Rafinare, one of the main companies of KMG International, owns and operates three production units in Romania: Petromidia, the biggest local refinery and one of the most modern in South-Eastern Europe, Vega refinery with a history of over 110 years, a pillar of the Romanian refining industry and the petrochemical division, sole producer of polymers in Romania.

Currently, the company operates over 1100 distribution points in European countries (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia) under the Rompetrol brand.

In the distribution segment, Rompetrol brand has been always a trendsetter introducing over time many innovations:

          •  Rompetrol introduced the first branded fuel on the Romanian market, Efix, which is present now in Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.

          • Rompetrol was the first to introduce the non-attendant type of gas station in Romania designed especially for the rural area, Expres station.

          • Unique provider of the innovative service Fill&Go, payment at the pump and integrated fleet management system

          • Hei Brand for shop & restaurant was a pioneer in non-wet activities in Rompetrol stations