Being aware of our responsibility when it comes to preserving the biodiversity, the Group gives special attention to the Black Sea region (where Petromidia Refinery is situated) and cares about the very active wildlife populating the area. We are committed to protect the environment and cause it no harm, while also helping the world understand the repercussions of wasteful behaviour.

The strategy of KMG International relies on the principles of minimizing the impact on the environment and working towards protecting it.

One of the projects focused on protecting the regional biodiversity is the periodical cleaning of the ponds and the removal of the reed plot. Due to the three comb-outs stage process implemented at the Petromidia Refinery, the water reused represents no danger for the regional biodiversity.

The two artificial ponds of the Petromidia Refinery, which are part of The Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, is the home of more than 4 000 different species.

The Rompetrol Rafinare Wastewater Treatment Plant, which takes both the wastewater from the Petromidia Platform and the domestic waters of the city of Navodari, has besides the two treatment stages (mechanic-chemical and biological) and a tertiary stage consisting of two ponds situated in National Reservation of Danube Delta. In this last step, a natural water purification is carried out before the discharge into the Black Sea.

Although initially they have been artificially made over time, due to favorable conditions (the quality of the treated water), this considerable area of approximately 50 hectares has become the habitat of many animal species. In winter, due to the higher water temperature, the ponds become a real refuge for birds.