KMG International seeks to provide environmental, social and economic value through its products and services by constantly appraising and improving its portfolio in line with market demand and customer input. Guided by our passion for quality and innovation, we embed sustainability into every aspect of our activity pertaining to product and service development. Customer and employee satisfaction, surveyed annually by KMG International through extensive market studies, always play a significant role in the development of the company’s business plan, offer and marketing activities.

We maintain trusted and long-term business relationships with many of our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is a key element of what we do.

KMG International regularly conducts extensive assessments of the health, safety and environmental risks of new products and maintenance of up to date information on existing products in our efforts to reduce and mitigate impact on customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Our evaluation process addresses attributes relating to human, environmental and societal impacts, such as environmental exposure, packaging and delivery systems or use of natural resources. As a result, sustainability factors are included throughout the development process to reduce the potential impacts of our products.

All companies in the Group comply with the best practice code whereby operators are required to provide details of marketed products in conformity with the NP 004/2003 technical standard (normative) on fueling station design and operation, Law no - 307/2006 on firefighting, Law no 319/2006 on occupational health & safety and Government Emergency Ordinance 80/2018 for establishing the conditions for the placing on the market of petrol and diesel, for the introduction of a mechanism for monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for establishing the methods for calculating and reporting the reduction of gas emissions with greenhouse effect and for the amendment and completion of Law no. 220/2008 for establishing the system for promoting the production of energy from renewable energy sources.

All KMGI organizations are following our MSDS and safety labeling regulations. There has been no identified non‑compliance to regulations and voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products or product and service information and labeling in 2020, in line with the trend established in the previous years.